Hi. I'm Fares.

I'm an artificial intelligence researcher at the Department of Informatics, King's College London.
I was president of multi-award-winning KCL Tech in 2015.
I've co-founded hackathons like HackKing's, UnituHack and HackLondon.
I'm also the proud co-founder of BetakBetak, and I'm currently working on The Medic App.
I like to read and travel. I do the latter quite a bit.


I know what it's like to work in different environments, from game-changing corporations to prominent startups.


I write mainly in Swift and Java. I dabble in Python and Rails. I spent a summer internship at Credit Suisse writing in AngularJS and D3.js. I'm a quick learner.


I've cofounded startups and led teams that proved to be a great success. I was previously president of one of the UK's largest and most tech-focused student societies, and it won two awards in my time.


I can adapt to different environments depending on where I'm placed. In the last few years, I've worked at a bank, a travel agency, a university and an ed-tech startup.


I mix my love for art with code when I'm designing websites. Web design is what originally introduced me to computer programming and software development.

You can see my work experience in detail listed on my LinkedIn Profile.


I'm currently building The Medic App, an iOS app that uses planning algorithms to suggest a sleep and meal schedule that would suit the medicines you’re required to take.

KCL Tech

One of the UK's fastest-growing technology-focused societies, of which I'm a proud co-founder. Being part of this award-winning society has been a life-changing experience.


I write about hackathons, traveling and more hackathons. Follow my rants and stories on my blog.


Faculty of Natural & Mathematical Sciences @ King’s College London, Jul 2016
The KCLEA Medal
The King's College London Engineers' Association (KCLEA) Medals are awarded to the students who have most distinguished themselves in their individual final year project on a Undergraduate programme with an Engineering Component.

Entrepreneurship Institute @ King’s College London, Jul 2015
King’s Experience Enterprise Award
This award recognises student entrepreneurial activity within economic, social and/or cultural contexts, and is awarded by the King’s Student Entrepreneurship Institute.

Department of Informatics @ King’s College London, Jun 2014 & 2015
Exceptional Contribution Award x2
This award is given to an undergraduate student who has made an exceptional contribution to the academic progress of their fellow students at the end of the academic year.
Entrepreneurship Institute @ King’s College London, Mar 2016
Best Startup Idea (for The Medic App)
The Medic App was awarded for being the Best Startup Idea at The Lion's Den Challenge, which is the annual flagship start-up competition at King's College London, run by the Entrepreneurship Institute.

Department of Informatics @ King’s College London, Jun 2015
Best Software Engineering Group Project
For Nuclibook. Credit Suisse sponsored the SEG module, and awarded the team with the best project built over the course of one term. Our client was Chelsea & Westminster Hospital.

The US Secretary of Education, Jun 2012
President’s Award for Educational Excellence
Signed by the US Secretary of Education and the President of the United States, this award is given annually to a small number of students worldwide to recognise academic success in and outside of the classroom.

You can find a list of all of my awards listed on my LinkedIn Profile.

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